Scaricare Mappe Power Commander V

Scaricare Mappe Power Commander V Scaricare Mappe Power Commander V

How To Load Maps and Overview of Power Commander 5 v I will explain the purpose of all functions and displays of Power Commander 5 v in this tutorial. You may use this information to experiment and help acquaint yourself with the software. Maps for Power Commander. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of Posts. Whether you're on the backroads ripping through the mud and climbing boulders or cruising down the highway at 75 mph, our Power Commander V can upgrade your ride. With tracking, tuning, and monitoring capability, this fuel tuner can easily and effectively optimize your airfuel ratio without directly changing the ECU.

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Dynojet Power Commander V

Need to adjust your tune in the field, or datalog the supported channels to further refine your tune? The Power Commander V connects to 4 of those 8 injectors. However, it is recognized that there are people building heavily modified engines extreme big bore, turbo, etc that may require the adjustment of all 8 injectors. From there, it is only a single cable connection to the PCV.

That gives you up to 48 complete maps! There is also be a "basic" mode that allows you to have a single fuel table that simply puts the requested fuel change in both upper and lower injector modules at the same time.

If at any time people become interested in submitting maps for other bikes, regardless of make or model, I will be glad to add them here.

You can read additional information about some of these maps by holding your mouse pointer over the download arrows.

PC5 Fuel Maps

RPM is the number of revolutions per minute the engine is currently turning at. AFR is the number of parts air that are currently mixing with one part of fuel.

Fuel Adj is the percentage of stock units of fuel that is currently being added or subtracted. Gear is the current gear position of the transmission. Speed is the the speed in mph that the wheel is currently turning. Depending on what devices and auxiliary sensors are in your network and how the PCV is configured, you may have more or fewer gauge displays than this.

Indicators There are three indicators below the gauge display, Auto Tune Running will light up when Auto Tune is sampling exhaust.

System Power will light up any time the engine runs and Device Errors will light up when an error has occurred with a device in the network. Status Bar The grey bar at the bottom of the software screen has several boxes to give alerts of what is happening with the system.

You may get a map file from powercommander. The computer does not need to be connected to the PCV yet but it may be if you wish. Retrieve the map file you wish to load to the PCV from where the map file is stored on your computer.

Power Commander V Autotune 2015 Beta Rs 390 Price - ParataMoto

The map file name must end in the extension. If the file does not end in.

The icon will change to a Power Commander icon similar to the icon for the software. Double click on the PCV software icon to open the program.

How do I import a Power Commander

A Windows Confirm box may come up indicating that the default location for map storage has been changed. If you X out of it it will probably keep coming up or your maps will be sent to your C drive, only. Click the Yes button to have saved maps sent to your desktop where they will be easy to find and safely relocated for storage.

Click the Open Map button from, the Control Panel to access the map file you have stored on the desktop.

Power Commander V (PCV) Downloads Below you will find the available manuals, installation guides, firmware, and software available for your Power Commander V. If you need help with your Power Commander V, please contact our Power Commander V Customer Support team. POWER COMMANDER V (PCV) DOWNLOADS (Click Here) Discloser: Bikeman Performance Plus is not responsible for damages as a result of our maps. These maps are a baseline only. Fine-tuning and adjustment may be necessary. An airfuel ratio or EGT gauge is highly recommended for proper tuning. These products can be purchased through BMP. Software Centralina Power Commander V. Download - Power Commander Control Center per PCV. Centralina Power Commander FC. Download - Power Commander Control Center per PCFC, versione Centralina Power Commander IIIusb. Download - Power Commander Control Center per PCIII USB, versione Centralina PCII - III - IIIr models.

A Windows box called Open Map File will open. Click on the icon for the map file you wish to view. The file icon will become highlighted and the information will appear in the search boxes for File Name and Files of Type. The Table Manager will display the expanded folders for the map.

The Map folder is on top and is labeled whatever the opened map is named in my case, fullmuzzy.

Within this folder is the Map Position1 folder. This folder contains the map for toggle switch position 1.

If there was a map for toggle switch position 2, you would see a folder for that map as well. This folder is for the PCV. If there were other devices connected to the PCV, there would also be folders for them inside the Map Switch Position folder. Inside the Primary Module folder is the Fuel folder which holds the fuel map you wish to view.

25 Heavy To The Artworks Graphics

You may reduce the display of folders by clicking the - symbol to the left of the folder. Click the Fuel icon in the Table Manager to view the fuel table for the map you have open.

Above the fuel table is a notation indicating that this table is for map switch position 1 fuel map cylinders 1, 2, 3 and 4 and for gears 1 through 6. It is possible to have separate maps for each cylinder and each gear when advanced settings are used. Every map that we offer was tested and developed on one of our multiple in house Dynojet Dynamometers.

New maps are developed weekly for all popular applications. The best of both worlds, now you can realize all the benefits of the Power Commander V and the Ignition Module 5 wrapped in a single enclosure.

L'azienda Power Commander si occupa della produzione di centraline chiamate come l'azienda Power commander, una tecnologia che consente di creare una vasta regolazione, senza modificare la centralina originale, applicabile alle moto che si inseriscono in linea con le centraline originali.

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Power Commander V Downloads. Firmware Version Last Update. Software Version Last Update. Manuals Version Last Update. How do I import a Power Commander map Matt February 19, select File, Import Power Commander Map. Find the map you saved earlier, and Open it. The software will import the Power Commander map, and modify the Original tune with those values. Now, just Send Tune to put that modified tune on a slot of the Power Vision. Powercommander V Files Powercommander V Files. DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSON OF THE PCV SOFTWARE HERE (Power Map Ignition Advance) Enduro () - IntakeDecatOpen Muffler (Power Map Ignition Advance) Enduro () - IntakeDeCatOpen Muffler (Power Map)

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